McCann flips out over fruity fraud

McCann-Erickson Bristol seems to be suffering from an acute case of sour grapes.

Earlier this year, the ad agency created a poster campaign for fruit company Cape, featuring the heads of angelic little children protruding through piles of apples, pears, grapes and plums, with the brand’s sticker stuck to their cheeks – a truly ground-breaking and original idea, the Diary is sure you will agree.

But what’s this? In the run-up to Wimbledon, art directors at Radio Times stumbled across a peach of an idea for their front cover: the head of angelic tennis commentator Sue Barker popping out of a mountain of strawberries.

“Look familiar?” McCann-Erickson asks. Well, yes it does… but the Diary is far more concerned that the Cape ads will stir up a craze among kids wanting their favourite brands tattooed on their faces.


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