McDonald’s celebrates 40 years in UK with nationwide campaign

McDonald’s is celebrating 40 years in the UK with a nationwide push to remind customers about the role it has played in the memorable moments in their lives. 

Video: McDonald’s “Celebrating 40 Years Together” TV ad


The “Celebrating 40 Years Together” campaign is being rolled out now through outdoor ads centering on everyday, “timeless” moments.

One ad shows a man waiting in a hospital ward as he holds a McDonald’s McCafe cup, hinting at the arrival of a newborn. Another advert features a couple sharing a meal during a break between decorating their new home. The theme will carry over to TV this weekend (30 August) with a series of Leo Burnett created spots.


McDonald’s is also asking fans to record their personal memories of the brand through a Razorfish-created website. It uses Google’s speech recognition API to display the words on screen as they are spoken before turning the phrase into an animated poster using Google font.

The heartwarming campaign is part of a wider charm offensive to build goodwill around the McDonald’s brand in the UK. The region has been one of the company’s strongest performing in recent quarters and is already on a marketing charge to play up the trust it claims to have built nationwide.


Last month, it launched the “Here’s to what matters” campaign promoting the positive impact the brand has had on customers, employees and communities in the UK. At the time, the business said the campaign marked a “significant step change” in how it talks to customers.  




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