McDonald’s farm tie-up will improve brand perception

Prophet’s own annual study on corporate brand reputation, which surveyed 4,600 consumers in 2009, showed that in the fast food industry, being perceived as a company that actively contributes to its local communities, gives money to good causes, and is socially and environmentally responsible is a key driver to purchase and recommendation.

Consumers have recognised and are rewarding brands like McDonald’s with purchases and recommendations because of the actions the company has taken to change its menu, to support sporting events and to support local communities and produce.

Most of us enjoy an occasional trip to a fast food outlet but we feel better about it if we know the brand that’s selling us burgers is also trying to help our local community both in terms of balanced diet and fitness and through support for local industries.

At first glance, we may not see the link between McDonald’s, the Olympics and British beef farming but McDonald’s strategy, it seems to us, is to be a good all-round citizen. Enjoying a burger every so often does not contradict this.

Aneysha Pearce, associate partner, Prophet



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