McDonald’s launches Taste of America campaign

McDonald’s is launching a new ad campaign to bring the taste of America to Britain. Created by Leo Burnett, the ’Great Tastes of America’ promotion will offer a new burger a week, each one featuring a new flavour from different American locations.


The national TV and press campaign launches on May 5 and focuses on American quirks. The 30 second TV ad shows typically American people and icons, contrasted against very British circumstances.

The ad features an exuberant Mardi Gras parade partying their way up a sleepy suburban street, a gigantic monster truck being clambered upon by a determined-faced traffic warden brandishing a parking ticket and glossy American lifeguards, running through a paddling pool much to the bewilderment of pasty British on-lookers.

The five 30 second TV ads run each week of the promotion. Each week the new burger on offer features at the end of the commercial with an American idiosyncrasy unique to that burger’s origins, unfolding outside a McDonald’s window.

For the New York Special, the campaign will feature a yellow New York taxi and an American cop on a horse in the street outside a McDonald’s restaurant. For the Texas Grande, it will show see a herd of buffalo being run past the window by cowboys.

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