McDonald’s launches loyalty scheme that rewards customers with Big Macs

McDonald’s new app-based loyalty programme allows customers to swap points for menu items such as McNuggets and a mini McFlurry after spending as little as £15.


McDonald’s has unveiled a new loyalty programme called My McDonald’s Rewards, which is currently being trialled in 10 locations across the UK.

The scheme is available via the My McDonald’s app and enables customers to  earn points from every order, which can then be exchanged for menu items.

Customers will earn 100 points for every £1 they spend and can unlock different prizes based on the number of points they accumulate.

For 1,500 points, which customers will hit after spending £15, the rewards include a mini McFlurry, a hash brown, small fries, side salad or regular coffee.

App users can also save up additional points to unlock bigger prizes. For 2,500 points customers can claim items including a Double Cheeseburger, Bacon Mayo Chicken or Vegetable Deluxe, while 4,000 points could earn them an even larger reward such as a Big Mac, six Chicken McNuggets or a premium salad.

McDonald’s is also giving customers the option to donate their points to BBC’s Children in Need. Points will be converted to a cash donation, with 1,500 points valued at £1.50, 2,500 points becoming £2.50 and 4,000 points converted to £4.McDonald’s rolls out brand platform to showcase its ‘positive impact’ on people and planet

While points can be saved up they will expire after a year if not used.

Points can only be collected on orders placed directly via McDonald’s, so orders made via a third party such as Just Eat or Uber Eats won’t be eligible.

The fast-food chain enlisted TV personality Rylan Clark-Neal to introduce the scheme via a video on YouTube (see above).

The rewards programme is initially being piloted at 10 locations in the north of England in and around Liverpool. It will then be rolled out to 65 additional restaurants by the end of the month.

McDonald’s unveiled a new brand platform at the end of last year to showcase its work on sustainability. The ‘Change a little, Change a lot’ campaign highlights the small changes the fast food chain has made in the areas of youth, farming and waste.

It was the first major campaign to be launched by Michelle Graham-Clare, who took on the UK CMO role in August.

At the time she said: “This new brand platform will enable us to talk about the actions we’re taking to improve opportunities for young people, help growers adopt sustainable farming practices and ensure our packaging is made from renewable, recycled or certified sources.”