McVitie’s to take cakes ad campaign outdoors

McVitie’s Cake Company is backing the relaunch of its range of muffins, flapjacks and slices with an outdoor advertising push that it hopes will reinvigorate the on-the-go cake market.

Jaffa Cakes
Relaunch: Jaffa Cakes muffin

The ads for McVitie’s Chocolate HobNob Flapjack and Jaffa Cakes Muffin were created by TBWA. They go live this week and run until the end of the month.

Mike Benton, marketing controller at McVitie’s Cake Company, says: “The campaign will make the products easier to see and more appealing to consumers, helping to generate interest and drive sales.

“The reduction in saturated fat across the McVitie’s range of flapjacks demonstrates our commitment to producing the best quality products that meet consumer needs, without compromising on taste.”

The impulse cake sector is worth £24m a year, according to Nielsen.


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