Media Shop wins 8.4m Henkel briefs

The Media Shop has added an extra 8.4m of business from Henkel, the DIY to cosmetics multinational, after taking two media buying accounts from CIA Media Solutions.

The Media Shop has won the 5.4m DIY account which includes the No More Nails adhesive and Solvite wallpaper paste products. It has also won the 3m stationery account, which includes the Pritt glue and roller.

The Media Shop already holds the 1.2m Loctite adhesive business.

Henkel bought Loctite Super Attack in 1996 and changed the name to Loctite. It bought the Schwarzkopf cosmetics brand in 1995 and is known to be on the acquisition trail for glues in the UK.

Henkel introduced the “No More” range of products to appeal to what it describes as “nervous” home decorators. Its products include a “no more sealant gun” product – a sealant in an aerosol form. Other brands in the Henkel portfolio include the Fa shower products range in Europe and the Persil brand in Germany and Eastern Europe. In 1997, Henkel’s sales totalled 6.5bn.

The company says it is looking to increase its TV advertising spend in the UK towards the end of the year.


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