Meet the Expert

Rosie Baker is Marketing Week’s specialist on sustainability and retail.


L’Oreal’s latest digital campaign for its Men Expert range is brilliant.

I love the “Expert” character they’ve introduced to front the Facebook and YouTube campaign for two reasons. It’s intelligent and it genuinely made me laugh.

A lot of male grooming advertising is really dumb, not really that funny and treats men like they’re morons.

Yes Lynx advertising is tongue in cheek and has been very successful but it doesn’t give men a lot of credit. There’s a reason that the “lads mags” sector has crashed in recent years and it’s because men are – shock horror – interested in more than bums and boobs.

L’Oreal’s Men Expert viral campaign has a touch of Bond about it, a dash of irony, some clever quips and it integrates nicely into social media inviting audiences to engage through Facebook.

It’s good, intelligently made content that promotes the brand and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

L’Oreal has long been using celebrity brand ambassadors in its advertising, and I can’t see this coming to an end any time soon but this diversion from the norm gives a really refreshing change to male grooming ads.



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