Mel Gibson ain’t Scottish cobber

With reference to Hilary Rogers’ letter (MW June 6), I too believe there to be a great deal of truth in the comments that a Scottish accent is very soothing to the ear and creates an atmosphere of trust and attention. Just look at the recent growth in call centre business in Scotland however, to finish the argument with “think Mel Gibson in Braveheart” totally killed off any belief I had previously in Rogers comments.

If we were to pay attention only to Mr Gibson’s pathetic vocals in the aforementioned excellent film it would have been impossible to have identified him as any more Scottish than your average Australian tourist attempting a pathetic impression of a Scotsman after a few beers in a Glasgow pub! The lilts, twangs and singsong vowels took him from Inverness to the Borders in one sentence.

If anyone outside of the UK believed him to be truly Scottish, and would admit to being swayed by that speaker, there must really be a plethora of ignorance ready to be exploited by this method of product persuasion; and a lot of potential in the hearing aid market!

Kay Duffy

Business manager – Africa

The Mentholatum Company UK

East Kilbride, Scotland


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