Mellow Birds coffee targets students

Kraft Foods’ Mellow Birds coffee brand is launching an experiential campaign targeting students.

The brand is launching the ‘Born to be mild’ Mellow Birds Milk Float Road Show on 8 February at Hull and Sussex Universities.

The brand will visit 16 universities to show the brand’s “fun and frothy side” and appeal to students through the use of mild innuendos in the sampling packs such as ‘Give me a stir’ and ‘Invite someone back to yours “for a coffee”.

The Mellow Birds Milk Float will carry the strapline “Mellow Birds. Born to be Mild. Coffee, but not as full on” and will hand out coffee samples, mugs, coffee frothers and other items for free.

The activity is also supported by a poster and email campaign at each university.

The campaign was created by Lime, the marketing services division of the Leo Burnett Group.

Aimee Cowan, assistant brand manager, says: “The campaign’s development in 2010 through Lime’s experiential knowledge, is enabling us to raise awareness with our target audience in a fun and interactive way”


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