Men with some career direction

What’s in a name? An oft-asked question, and increasingly, in marketing circles at least, the answer seems to be “a sentence”.

It would seem that to get on in the marketing or business world, it is useful to have a name that can stand alone with a full stop at the end.

The Diary’s suspicions were first aroused by a command: Chuck Fruit, Coca-Cola’s senior vice-president of worldwide media and alliances. Further investigations uncovered, among others, Marc Sands (Guardian Newspapers marketing director), the rather suggestive John Rogers (Costa Coffee marketing director) and Keith Weed (Lever Fabergé chairman), who has since washed his hands.

On the back of this, the Diary predicts a bright future for Threadneedle Investments communications director Richard Eats; and, if the Diary’s theory is correct, Skandia Life managing director Nick Poyntz-Wright should be set for a future that eclipses even Bill Gates.


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