MEPs in hunt for agencies

The European Parliament is putting its communications brief up for tender. It will have a heavy emphasis on outdoor, digital and experiential media, and promotional and direct marketing.

It is thought to be the first time that the Parliament has tendered its marketing communications in this way. Late last year the European Commission also decided to issue a new framework contract covering all its communications requirements.

The European Parliament’s tender has been split into three “lots”, with agencies able to enter one, two or all three.

The first “lot” calls for the development of a concept and communications strategy for the Parliament and is expected to revolve around a number of EP information and communication campaigns.

It is thought the strategy will centre firmly around outdoor campaigns and digital – with a heavy focus on initiatives such as podcasting, vodcasting, CD and DVD-roms – as well as leaflets, posters and stickers.

The second “lot” calls for the organisation of special events and the production of “specific” communication material. The European Parliament is asking for detailed proposals of event organisation, such as identifying target groups, media plans and promotional plans.

The third “lot” calls for the design and production of promotional materials. The deadline for applications is the beginning of next month.

The European Parliament is the only directly-elected body of the European Union and sits in Strasbourg and Brussels. It drafts legislation on issues as diverse as environmental protection, consumer rights and transport.


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