Mercier Gray stories…

Mercier Gray stories are very much like buses. You wait all year and then two turn up at once. After terrorising Covent Garden with bizarre acrobatic stunts (MW last week), Rob Gray returned to type, turning up at Royal Ascot in a suit that even Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would surely think twice about. However, his attire didn’t quite attract the kind of attention Rob was no doubt hoping for. Shortly after arriving at the event, he was singled out by security guards and the police (astonishingly NOT the fashion police) as a trouble-causing animal rights protester. Apparently the police had been tipped off that the protesters would be wearing purple suits. Rob’s reaction? “I reckon those animal rights protesters must have good taste.” Rob was the only person at Ascot that day wearing a purple suit, and looking the picture (top), the Diary is inclined to believe him.


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