Michael Kors first UK brand to use new ‘Marquee’ Instagram ads

Michael Kors will be the first UK brand to use Instagram’s new ‘Marquee’ Instagram ads, launched as part of the social network’s bid to ramp up advertising on the site.


Marquee ads are aimed at letting marketers “own a moment” by reaching a huge swathe of the user base to build awareness around a specific event or launch over a short period of time. Michael Kors will use them to promote its new ‘Jet Set 6’ collection – six pairs of shoes meant to fit jet setter’s lifestyle.

As part of the campaign, Michael Kors is releasing three 15-second videos showing model Lily Aldridge out and about in Paris that will be shown at different times across the day.

“People have long come to Instagram for visual inspiration and so advertising on Instagram has the power to not only touch, inspire and move people but also to deliver real, measurable results. The new Michael Kors campaign demonstrates exactly that, making the most of the creative opportunities on the platform to engage in rich story-telling,” says Instagram.

Instagram introduced marquee ads earlier this week as part of wider plans to open up its ad platform to all brands and make it more appealing for marketers. Any brand, no matter the size, can now advertise on the site across 38 markets, with a global roll-out planned for the end of September.

It has also introduced new ad formats including 30-second video ads, which should make it easier for brands to port TV ads into Instagram, and the marquee ads. In the US, Fox was the first brand to run marquee ads for its new TV show Scream Queens.

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