Michelin introduces sound logo

Michelin has developed an audio logo for the brand to act as a “sonic seal of recognition”.

The 32-second soundclip will be used globally across all media platforms including television and radio advertising campaigns, telephone hold systems and digital media.

The tyre brand says that the unique composition is “a vehicle for meaning which embodies the values and vision of the brand” and “conveys the group’s ambition as a leader”.

It claims the 32-second tune, and shorter audio ident, is “a unique expression of modernity, mobility, innovation, quality and pleasure” and will “strengthen the impact of our communications.”

Listen to the 32-second Michelin sound logo created by Sixième Son.

Michelin joins other companies including technology firm Intel, Nokia and T-Mobile which all have recognisable melodies associated with their brand.

Claire Dorland Clauzel, senior vice president of Michelin communication and brands, says: “It actively supports the brand by accentuating its personality and creating differentiation. What’s more, it’s easily and widely understood.

Earlier this year, Michelin unveiled a global marketing campaign featuring the Michelin Man character coming to motorists’ rescue in an animated world



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