Michelin unveils next phase of UK ad campaign

Michelin is to launch the second phase of its UK advertising campaign with a safety messaged ad showing the Michelin Man saving animals from becoming roadkill.

Through a mix of TV ads,giant billboards, an on-line advice portal and an interactive game Michelin’s second phase of its global ad campaign will roll out from today (16 August). The campaign will once again feature the famed Michelin Man in an animated world.

In the new ads the Michelin Man is seen transforming sad roads blighted with tragic roadkill deaths into a happier highway, thanks to the shorter stopping distance of the Michelin tyres take effect to save the lives of the road’s furry residents.

The ads retain the campaign’s message of “The right tyre changes everything”. TBWA is the company’s agency of record.

The second phase of the advertising drive intends to put safety at the forefront of its focus while continuing to illustrate the advantages for both motorists and other road users of Michelin tyres.

The ads will run in prime time TV slots, national newspapers,magazines and on outdoor posters located in motorway services, petrol station forecourts and some ’mega’ posters in selected UK cities.

A campaign microsite (http://join-the-fight.michelin.co.uk/#/home) featuring road safety tips and an interactive game based around braking distance will also feature as part of the campaign.

Peter Snelling, Michelin UK’s head of communications, says: “We are looking forward to the second phase of UK campaign with safety at the heart of the message for this stage of the campaign. As with the first set of ads we have taken an innovative and unconventional direction but still retaining the core messages about the benefits of using Michelin tyres.

“While the initial sight of beloved woodland creatures being turned into roadkill may prove shocking to some, we hope it helps to drive home the message that the right tyre – namely improved tyres developed by Michelin – helps change everything. We really want to emphasise the safety message and how this can be delivered through improved stopping distance. We are also demonstrating that safety need not be compromised through the sacrifice of other performance attributes, like lower fuel consumption and longevity – core Michelin benefits.”

Last month, a TV ad for Michelin car tyres featuring the Michelin Man and claiming to “help to save up to 80 litres of fuel” was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for being misleading.

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