Microsoft bids to develop closer ties with bloggers

Microsoft is planning a major charm offensive on social media in a bid to diffuse negative publicity about the company and develop personal relationships with bloggers.

The move is part of an overhaul of its digital marketing strategy, which is being overseen by its business marketing manager, Matthew Bishop.

He denies that it is charm offensive, but adds that Microsoft is keen to change the way that it works with bloggers and interacts with social networks.

Bishop says the company is looking to strike up relationships with bloggers that cover Microsoft, and to provide them with information and support. “Our customers want more candid and immediate insight about our products and plans for evolution. We will make sure they get the right access to information transparently and accurately.”

He adds that the company is keen to develop relationships because of the number of people that use blogs to find out about Microsoft technology and this will ensure that information is “accurate and timely”.

Blue Monster, an online group that encourages an “open attitude” to Microsoft, is expected to benefit from the changes, as could Todd Bishop, who covers the company in an online journal for the Seattle Post Intelligencier.


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