Microsoft hunts marketing chief for Xbox Live launch

Microsoft is looking for a European marketing director for its online gaming service, Xbox Live, after it announced the service’s European launch date.

Xbox Live will be available in shops throughout Europe on March 14 next year. But Microsoft is keen to have a marketing director in place first to oversee the European trial of the service before it is launched and to ensure that the company is reaching its target market at each stage.

The marketing director will report to Michel Cassius, European director of Xbox platform, who is responsible for building relationships with third-party games publishers developing games for Xbox.

Xbox Live is an extension of Microsoft’s Xbox console and enables gamers with a broadband connection to compete against other players online. Gamers can talk to other players using the Xbox Communicator headset and download extra games features, such as new levels and characters.

Microsoft will test-drive Xbox Live from November 30. A starter pack, priced at 39.99, will enable anyone with a broadband connection in the UK, France, and Germany to participate in the trial.

At the same time, the pack will go on sale at retail outlets in the US.


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