Microsoft launches Messenger TV

Microsoft has launched Messenger TV, an application which allows users to share and watch premium MSN video content via Windows Live Messenger. It says the new service, launched today (May 12), will offer a range of new opportunities for advertisers.

It will offer premium content from companies such as MTV and BBC iPlayer and users will be able to share videos with a friend, view them simultaneously and chat while it plays. Microsoft has also signed UK deals with EMI and Channel 4 to offer content including music videos and clips from TV shows.

Channel 4 will provide a range of clips of up to four minutes in length from more than 20 shows. These shows will include Peep Show, How to Look Good Naked, Bremner Bird and Fortune, Property Ladder, Father Ted, Shipwrecked, Skins, Shameless and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Island Records will be the first UK advertiser on the service, launching a six week campaign to promote The Fratelli’s new album “Here We Stand.” The campaign will include a sponsorship logo, a pre roll video and ad banners.


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