Microsoft plans Office campaign

Microsoft is to showcase its products this month in a specially designed “M.Home”. It is also launching a global campaign for its Microsoft Office software.

The M.Home event, which begins next week, is aimed at highlighting the uses of the company’s technology in modern households.

The exhibition, subtitled “the ultimate in digital living”, has been created with partners including, Intel and Philips to allow key figures to view Microsoft products in a home environment.

Next week also sees the launch of a global integrated marketing campaign costing in excess of $100m (£53m), created by McCann Erickson. It will last 18 months and promote upgrades toÂtheÂcompany’sÂMicrosoft Office software. It highlights developments in business technology and features posters depicting workers relying on older software as dinosaurs. It combines print and outdoor advertising with online banner advertising and video clips. MRM Partners designed the direct marketing campaign.

The company says the ads mark a new approach because they combine above- and below-the-line messages for the first time. In addition, Microsoft has recognised that its main competition in the business software market is itself.

“Some users of Office 2000 or Office 97 believe that the technology they are using is good enough today. The reality is that those products were released five to eight yearsÂago,”ÂsaysÂMicrosoft spokeswoman Nicola Casey.


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