Microsoft restructure to focus on customer care

Microsoft is restructuring its marketing department to focus on individual customers and build the image of a caring and accessible company.

The software giant claims the move reflects a change of strategy and that it is not a knee-jerk response to the US Microsoft trial.

Director of corporate marketing Shaun Orpen becomes director of customer marketing. While his remit remains the same, Orpen will focus on customer care and marketing Microsoft’s products to individuals rather than business customers.

Microsoft was this month found guilty of violating fair competition laws in the US and could now be broken up into separate divisions for its Windows product and Internet browser.

In the UK, Microsoft claims the changes follow extensive customer research showing a demand for more direct contact with the company.

Orpen is poised to restructure the company’s marketing department to make it easier for customers to seek information and advice or submit complaints.

A spokeswoman says: “Orpen will focus on Microsoft’s image and reputation, and build a customer-care strategy.

“Our research has found that Microsoft has not always been as accessible as our customers would have liked.

“We can categorically say this has nothing to do with the trial in the US – the issues are different.”

Orpen was behind Microsoft’s sponsorship of the NSPCC’s “Full stop” campaign.


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