Microsoft sales director blasts digital advertising ignorance

Microsoft EMEA sales director Marc Bresseel has hit out at brand advertisers and their agencies for failing to grasp the intricacies of digital advertising.

The regional sales director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Microsoft Advertising Solutions says that too many advertisers use complicated creative formats that do not necessarily work. He says creative should be tailored around what marketers want to achieve from the campaign, whether direct resp-onse or brand building.

Bresseel adds that many remain confused over what digital advertising actually means – despite the fact that more brands are pushing more of their budgets online.

Last week, Carat said it predicted UK ad spend would grow by 4.1% this year and 3.9% in 2008, driven “almost entirely” by online advertising. However, Bresseel remains unconvinced that advertisers truly understand the medium they are so willingly throwing cash at.

Bresseel says too many advertisers are jumping on the online bandwagon without considering what formats of online advertising are most effective.

He adds: “Three years ago we were seeing overcomplicated microsites, but digital is not about that. It’s not only about viral campaigns – it’s about really thinking through the creative idea and how it’s best translated into what you want to accomplish.

“Some brands embraced digital because it was cool and they thought it gave them a leading edge, but it has to be for strategic reasons. Nike and Adidas have been leaders in the digital area in the last five years. The most successful campaigns engage advertising and media together.”


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