TV ads at 60: Microsoft’s chief marketer on the evolution of its TV ads

TV is an awareness piece and allows the technology giant to move away from communicating product features to promoting user experiences, according to Microsoft’s chief marketing officer Philippa Snare, speaking to Marketing Week ahead of the 60th anniversary of TV advertising in the UK.

Philippa Snare

Q. Why is TV a desirable channel for Microsoft?

TV is a very strong medium, especially when we’re building awareness and trying to reach a large audience. As the campaign evolves we want to take it through the line so that it’s much more interactive, but TV is the best medium for getting that initial awareness amongst consumers and for beginning the storytelling.

Q. Has the marketing and creative evolved to resonate with today’s viewer?

Over the years it has become increasingly clear that what resonates with our customers is much more about what the technology allows them do and how it helps them in their daily lives, rather than the technology itself. Windows 10 sets the precedence for a more personal user experience.

Q. How has the formula for TV advertising changed over the years?

The insight around demonstrating the experiences our products can create or enhance means that we have moved away from just talking about the technical features each one offers. This is certainly a trend we have seen other companies within this space adopt as well.

Being able to show how a person benefits from these products, in their personal or their business life, is what we’re really proud of.

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