Microsoft’s UK CMO on artificial intelligence and his visionary inspiration

Paul Davies talks about what it takes to be a visionary and his expectations for the industry in the next ten years.

We spoke to Paul Davies, UK CMO at Microsoft and one of our Vision 100 on what it takes to be a visionary.

Davies said it takes a lot of curiosity and that visionaries need to be curious about the world around them and what makes people tick. He said that they should also have courage and the bravery to try different things.

He said he admires the astronaut Tim Peake for “inspiring a young generation and telling them they really can do anything with their lives.”

When asked what he feels the biggest change will be for the industry in the next ten years, he said it would be artificial intelligence, with “data being pulled together in different ways to create new experiences for consumers in ways that will be invisible.”

Watch the video to find out more on what qualities Davies thinks visionaries require and why he looks to music, the arts or theatre for inspiration.