Miele slammed by ASA over Dyson claim…

Miele has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority over an ad comparing the performance of its vacuum cleaners with a Dyson model


Miele has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over a magazine ad comparing the performance of one of its vacuum cleaners with a Dyson bagless cleaner.

The ad for Miele’s vacuum cleaners featured the headline: "Bags Better. Miele Vacuums – setting the record straight". A graph under the headline showed the cleaning performance of a Miele vacuum cleaner compared with the "leading bagless brand", and the ad went on to make claims about the ability of competing vacuums to pick up dust.

Dyson complained that the comparison was misleading because Miele used the wrong Dyson model, the DC11, instead of the DC08. Dyson provided independent research that showed that the DC08 actually outperformed both the Miele machine and the DC11 in the conditions highlighted in the ad.

The ASA agreed with Dyson, and ruled against Miele on six separate issues. It has told Miele not to repeat the claims in future ads.

Meanwhile, the Danish High Court last week ruled in favour of Dyson in a battle against rival Electrolux. Electrolux has been banned from claiming "constantly high suction" or referring to "self-cleaning filters" in ads for its Twin Clean vacuum cleaner.



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