Miliband attacks retailers in first Labour leadership speech

New Labour party leader Ed Miliband has launched an attack on retailers for threatening the individuality of communities in his first speech since winning the leadership election.

Speaking at the Labour Party conference in Manchester today Milliband said the Party should support those “dismayed” by pub closures due to cut-price alcohol in supermarkets.

Miliband adds the Party should be “on the side” of people trying to protect their high street looking like a carbon copy of every other high street, rather than those “who say it’s just the forces of progress”.

The new Labour leader, who beat his brother David Miliband to the post by just 1.3% of the vote last weekend, also says every chief executive across the country has the responsibility to provide a fair wage to its employees.

Miliband says: “Here is our generation’s paradox: the biggest ever consumers of goods and services, but a generation that yearns so much for the things that business cannot provide.

We must never again give the impression that we know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Towards the end of the speech Miliband attempted to shift the “Red Ed” label attached to him by the tabloids for his apparent left-wing ideals saying: “come off it” to loud cheers from the audience.


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