Milking baby product issues

I am writing in response to your recent article “Safeway risks legal row over sales of baby milk” (MW September 8) in order to correct some inaccuracies.

First, your caption under the Step-up ad claims that Baby Milk Action are seeking to ban follow-on milk products. They are, in fact, attempting to further restrict the advertising and promotion of follow-on milks.

Second, you state that follow-on milks are not covered by the most recent legislation, wher-

eas they actually are included.

For the record, follow-on milks are for babies from six months and are not a breast-milk substitute. They are positioned as a nutritionally-superior alternative to cows’ milk as the main drink.

The recent report by the Government’s Committee on Medical Aspects of Food Policy (October 1994) recommends that cows’ milk, which is low in iron, should not be used as a main drink before the child is a year old. Because iron deficiency can cause anaemia – the most commonly reported nutritional disorder among children in the UK – any effort to ban the advertising and promotion of follow-on milks, whilst ignoring the high incidence of cows’ milk usage in babies under one, should surely be resisted.

Nigel White

Senior product manager

Cow & Gate Nutricia




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