Mind the gap in the free sample method

The article ‘Offering a bit more than a free sample’ (MWlinks.co.uk/FreeSample) highlighted some of the data from our research project: Building Brilliant Sampling Campaigns, which uncovers what consumers value in the live environment and what encourages them to sample more and purchase.

The real opportunity for marketers is in plugging the gap between sample and purchase – what steps need to be taken to encourage more people to purchase.

Our research confirms that people love to try products, they expect it to consider buying it, and that this is even more important than word of mouth.

Leaning on agencies that have insights, data, experience and knowledge will ensure you get a better bang for your buck.

Sally Durcan
Managing director, Hotcow


The measure of PR

Marketing Week

At the beginning of every campaign, brands and agencies need to be very clear on what they want PR to achieve and what success will look like (PR Strategy, MWlinks.co.uk/ PRMeasurement). Is it about awareness and education, for example? Is it about changing perceptions? Is it about creating fame or is it about keeping news […]

Finding an AVE alternative

Marketing Week

Our PR Strategy cover story sparked plenty of debate on how to tap into the true value of PR. Read the feature at MWlinks.co.uk/PRMeasurement, and extracts of reader comments below:


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