Is the Mini MBA in Marketing Programme right for you?

Professor Mark Ritson introduces the Marketing Week Mini-MBA in Marketing. He explains the logic and syllabus behind the course, looks at the course format and shares some of the feedback from those who attended the course in 2017.

If you are considering the Mini MBA this year then this is a unique chance to learn more about it and see if it is the right choice for you.

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  1. abhishek rai 3 Mar 2017

    I run a new media firm. I started it in 2007. I have serviced brands such as Yahoo, Pepsico and Fritto Lays. Yes, I did social media for them. I stopped doing it in 2013. I did not see value in posting updates after updates. I stopped getting work. I ranted, but it did not help.
    I read what Bob Hoffman wrote. It seemed there was no future with digital. Recently I read what Byron Sharp and Mark Ritson wrote about the state of digital media. More heartbreak.
    In the meanwhile my team had downsized to three people. We focussed on building a database of online behaviour, which brand could use. Agencies hired us for the research, but never used the research.
    It came to old school marketing for digital to make sense. We have been trying to use marketing principles and digital medium for startups. Somethings work, while somethings don’t. For example we have stopped doing regular updates. We have stopped trying to engage. We use promotion mix and marketing communications fundamentals. We can be better, if we understand the above two better.
    I would like to attend this course.

  2. Pamela Cairns 7 Mar 2017

    Is this webinar running? I have signed up but not received the weblink.

  3. keshia siniara 7 Mar 2017

    Is this not working or running? I haven’t received anything…

  4. Rebecca Godwin 7 Mar 2017

    I have not received a link and all I see on screen is a picture of tools….

  5. Ashley Moon 7 Mar 2017

    how do you view the webinar, no web link received?

    • Jo Roberts 7 Mar 2017

      Hi Ashley, the webinar is running from this page. You should be seeing the broadcast now. If not, refresh the page.

  6. Gav Holt 7 Mar 2017

    Hi there… is this happening?

    • Gav Holt 7 Mar 2017

      Hi if you could please send me afterwards that would be great. Not been able to view in my browser (Chrome or IE). Thanks 🙂

  7. Jo Roberts 7 Mar 2017

    It’s live now. Refresh your page and the webinar should pop up

    • keshia siniara 7 Mar 2017

      Hi Jo, I have refreshed the page but nothing is happening i just have a still image.

      • Samuel Joy 7 Mar 2017

        Hi Keshia, are you getting any pop-ups saying flash or anything else is being blocked?

    • Rebecca Godwin 7 Mar 2017

      Doesn’t work in IE or Chrome. What a waste of time!

  8. Rebecca Godwin 7 Mar 2017

    It’s still not showing for me

  9. Nora Maguire 7 Mar 2017

    me neither

  10. adam ryan 7 Mar 2017

    not working for me either unfortunately

    • Ashley Moon 7 Mar 2017

      Didn’t work for me in Chrome but worked in Edge

  11. Ashley Moon 7 Mar 2017

    Got it now thanks, but had to load the page in Edge, wouldn’t work in Chrome

  12. Nic Johnson 7 Mar 2017

    No matter how many times I ‘refresh my page’ it’s definitely not working. Unfortunately this is wasting my time…

    • Jo Roberts 7 Mar 2017

      Hi Nic, We’ll send a copy of the webinar out to everyone after the live event. Sorry that it’s not working for you. Best wishes, Jo

      • Nic Johnson 7 Mar 2017

        Thanks Jo, that’d help!

  13. adam ryan 7 Mar 2017

    chrome blocks the flash plug in, try another browser e.g. IE

  14. john fry 7 Mar 2017

    nope not working here either

  15. Nicola Boon 7 Mar 2017

    I’m in on my mobile but not desktop unfortunately.

  16. John Beaumont-Kerridge 7 Mar 2017

    No link received and cannot log in to current Webinar…

  17. john fry 7 Mar 2017

    ok out of browsers will look forward to getting the copy

  18. Myriam loda 7 Mar 2017

    Not received a link, but the one in the original email worked, although it now crashed…

  19. Anita Clarke 7 Mar 2017

    I missed the webinar, can you me a copy please?