Mini MBA star: Sandrine Stresser

The Mini MBA in Brand Management is a wake up call for everyday thinking, says Britvic’s Sandrine Stresser.

Sandrine Stresser, global marketing controller premium adults at Britvic Soft Drinks

Sandrine Stresser says the best advice she has been given about brand management is that practice is essential – and that you must be prepared to fail.

She was open to doing the Mini MBA in Brand Management as she believed it would play a role in challenging the status quo and delivering a wake-up call to everyday thinking.

“It disrupts the mental model by reviewing the basic principles, adding some great case studies to illustrate and bring to life the concepts,” says Stresser of the course. She enjoyed the fact it drove both objective thinking and practical application, with “a bonus point for teaching us how to approach senior teams and bring other departments to understand the benefit of managing a brand, translated to their own world”.

Stresser picks the targeting module as her favourite part of the course. She says that the creation of a two-speed brand plan was an ‘a-ha!’ moment, allowing a balance of long- and short-term goals rather than living in a world centred on driving immediate results.

Take your skills to the next level with the Mini MBA in Brand Management. The next course, which is run by professor and Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson, starts on 20 April. The Mini MBA in Marketing course begins on 13 April. Visit the Mini MBA website for more information and to book your place.



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