Ministry of Sound launches 3D TV ad

Music brand Ministry of Sound is launching a 3D TV advertisement to promote the latest in its Chilled series of albums, Chilled Acoustic. The ad was created by integrated agency Fold7.

Ministry of Sound
Ministry of Sound

The ad takes place in a minimalist gallery setting and shows the Ministry of Sound logo exploding inside a glass cube. Fold7 has produced all the TV commercials, ad campaigns and cover artwork for the Ministry of Sound over the last decade. The campaign will launch on several TV channels this week.

Two years ago The Ministry of Sound was censured by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for using models dressed in school uniforms to perform a striptease in a campaign for a mobile download.
The TV ad featured extracts from a music video by HTwoO, which portrayed men and women dressed in school uniforms dancing in front of a school. One of the women performed a striptease.

Fold7 has also been awarded the All Bar One Christmas campaign for the second year running

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