Mirror launches branded prepaid cashcard

Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) has bolstered its financial services offering with the launch of a prepaid, top-up Maestro card.

The new Quidity card will be available to readers of MGN’s Daily and Sunday Mirror titles from October 23.

The service enables users to securely load money onto the card via a network of over 34,000 Post Office and PayPoint locations across the UK and can then be used in the same way as a cashcard.

It places no restriction on the financial standing or employment status of users, as they control the amount of money that is uploaded enabling them to avoid many of the obstacles associated with setting up bank accounts through a financial institution.

The card is being launched as a free offer until the end of this year, provided the initial load value exceeds 20 with an annual renewal fee of 5.

Kerry O’Connor, business enterprise director at MGN, says the card is a major addition to the group’s financial services business and is being marketed as a service providing readers with “the convenience of plastic but without the exposure to debt”.




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