‘Mirror Mirror’ film capitalises on Samantha Brick backlash

Studio Canal is taking advantage of the internet furore surrounding journalist Samantha Brick’s MailOnline piece bemoaning her beauty by buying up all the advertising spots next to corresponding articles on the site.

Samantha Brick

The targeted campaign, to promote the “Mirror Mirror” film, sees Studio Canal “roadblocking” one of the most popular articles on the web this week, which features Brick defending herself against the worldwide internet storm her original article sparked.

The film studio plans to extend the tactical activity to other similar articles.

Samantha Brick’s story has attracted more than 10,000 comments on the MailOnline website, more than 21,000 Facebook Likes and has been a consistent trending topic on Twitter this week.

Most commentators took a distaste to the article, where Brick claimed women hate her for being “too beautiful”.

Mirror Mirror, starring Julia Roberts, is a comedy take on the original Snow White fairytale.

The film, which was released this week, is also being supported by a national out of home campaign and other digital activity.

The media planning and buying has been handled by Target Media.


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