Mirror to snatch back second best-selling title from Daily Mail

The Mirror is expected to return to the position of the second best selling newspaper in place of the Daily Mail when the Audit Bureau of Circulations figures are published next week.

The figures are likely to show that The Mirror is about 25,000 copies ahead of the Daily Mail for May.

The Daily Mail snatched the title of second best-selling newspaper from The Mirror in December last year.

The Sunday Mirror is also expected to record a year-on-year rise for May, in which it published a two-part partwork for the film Star Wars. During the same month, The Mirror ran its Lucky Bags promotion and The Daily Mail carried a part- work on animals.

Roger Eastoe, group managing director national newspapers for Mirror Group, claims that the Daily Mail’s circulation growth is slowing down.

He comments: “The Mirror has become a more attractive proposition to new readers.”

Guy Zitter, managing director of the Daily Mail, says: “The Mirror is in a different market to the Daily Mail, therefore its circulation figures are a matter of indifference to us.”

The Mirror recorded a circulation of 2,331,101 in April while the Daily Mail was ahead on 2,336,587, but behind The Sun on 3,746,367. The Sunday Mirror’s circulation in April was 1,964,659.


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