Mishon makes Marco Pierre White see red

Every business executive’s restaurant nightmare befell Sales Promotion Consultants Association chairman Clive Mishon at Marco Pierre White’s Mayfair restaurant Mirabelle recently.

As Mishon settled down with client guests, celebrity chef White strode over and told the managing director of sales promotion consultancy Marketing Drive he was not welcome. White accused Mishon of abusing a member of staff with highly offensive language and asked him to apologise. Mishon known as a mild-mannered, polite sort refused to apologise for something he hadn’t done, and his party left.

The Diary thinks White must have mistaken Mishon for another seasoned Mirabelle diner more given to foul language pop star Liam Gallagher. However, Mishon thinks the episode was a showy White ego-trip and wrote to tell White “good quality will always win over fashion”.

Incidentally, Mishon and guests beat a trail to The Connaught, where they had a “fabulous meal”.


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