Mitchell nets SodaStream’s 3m relaunch

Cadbury Schweppes-owned Soda-Stream has appointed Mitchell Patterson Grime Mitchell for its 3m relaunch campaign.

The drinks-making brand last advertised on television in 1995, with a campaign in the Carlton region through Publicis. Mitchell Patterson has been appointed without a pitch, and was handed the business by marketing manager Crispian Harrod.

The new campaign will be test launched this summer, probably in the Granada region, before a national roll-out. It will focus on two ranges, the fruit flavours and the “hints of…” range of flavoured mineral water. The new ads will not use SodaStream’s catchphrase “get busy with the fizzy”, which has featured in its ads since 1979. But neither SodaStream nor Mitchell Patterson would comment on the content of the new campaign.

Last year, the drink-making system was revamped and its brand identity redesigned by CLK. It is being repositioned as an adult and family brand, instead of appealing to children. The range has been expanded to 29 flavours, including leading soft drinks such as Irn Bru, Vimto and Tizer.


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