Mixing it is recipe for drinks brand

Sonoo Singh’s article on Holsten Pils (MW January 29) raised an interesting point: is a high-profile ad campaign enough to retain consumer loyalty and ensure that a brand keeps pace with its rivals?

Of course, advertising has and will always be an important part of the marketing mix for Holsten, but certainly not to the exclusion of other key elements. Like any beer brand, promotional activity has always been key. According to AC Nielsen, Holsten Pils trades at an index of 157 per cent value versus volume. This shows a clear added-value strategy at the point of purchase.

The Holsten Pils advertising campaigns have always stood for the same thing – excellent quality lager from a great brewing tradition. “It’s the Daddy” and “It’s What’s Inside That Counts” both say quality and it seems consumers agree. Many of them established their drinking habits with Holsten Pils and have remained true to the brand over many years.

In addition (according to recent TGI data) Holsten Pils has enjoyed growth in the 18- to 24-year-old bracket, and these drinkers now account for 17 per cent of its loyal consumers and over 25 per cent of its occasional drinkers. In addition, over 50 per cent of the Holsten Pils consumers are under 35.

Holsten UK is no stranger to innovation: in 2001 the Holsten Pils packaging was redesigned as part of a comprehensive and successful relaunch, resulting in Holsten UK being the fastest-growing brewer the in UK that year. In 2003 we introduced a new advertising campaign, non-returnable bottles and a range of premium aluminium cans.

Holsten Pils is a major player in the premium packaged lager market with 90 per cent brand awareness, a position it has maintained for many years in a highly competitive sector.

I believe passionately that advertising works as a key part of comprehensive brand management, and remain committed to delivering compelling and integrated marketing campaigns to ensure the long-term success of our brands.

Ben Peters

Director of marketing

Holsten UK




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