Mobile is effective route to integration

The recent article discussing mobile marketing coming of age (‘Brands search for higher level of reception’, MW 5 January) states that mobile also needs to find its USP over other channels.

Rather than a differentiator, I believe mobile’s future is as a connector with different platforms.

The recent Orange Exposure 2012 research showed how mobiles complement TV consumption and how people are often watching TV while doing other activities on their mobile, confirming the current trend of social TV.

Mobile also has a positive impact on other media and device use; 20 per cent of UK customers say they browse on the PC more and 15 per cent read more newspapers online as a result of engaging with mobile multimedia.

Mobile provides brands with an opportunity to integrate channels, creating a 360 degree connection with consumers. Combined with the targeting capabilities of mobile, the channel has real potential to have an impact on consumers in 2012.

Bruce Hoang
Group marketing director
Orange Advertising Network



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