Mobile to drive digital marketing spend

Mobile will lead to an overall increase in digital marketing spend on affiliate networks this year despite the VAT increase, according to research by LinkShare.


The study, based on a study of 100 marketers, revealed that 45% of respondents believed mobile would be a major area of growth in 2011.

A third of respondents said they will continue investing in affiliate networks, while 31% said they intended to deliver affiliate ads to social network users.

Liane Dietrich, managing director of LinkShare UK, says: “The research paints a very positive picture for the marketing industry in 2011. The sector is on the cusp of entering a new phase of growth with mobile marketing and investment in apps set to lead the way.”

The responses also indicated that ROI and measurement continue to be the major focus area for digital marketers.

Over 57% of respondents said they will focus on delivering targeted ad campaigns instead of focusing on mass market ads.

Meanwhile, the feedback regarding the effects of this year’s VAT rise were mixed.

A quarter of respondents said the rise would significantly impact upon users willingness to spend money online, while a further 24% reported the increase would have a minor change on online behaviours.

This contrasts with 38% of respondents who said the rise would not affect consumers’ purchasing habits.

“We are now focused on helping to educate our client base on how more advanced affiliate marketing techniques can be used to help boost customer acquisition and improve the bottom line of a business in light of these trends,” added Dietrich.

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