Mollin moots TV masthead deal

Mollin Publishing is planning to launch masthead programmes for its three publications, health magazine Shape, Men’s Fitness and teen title Jump.

John Woollcombe, managing director of Mollin Publishing, says: “I would not deny we are looking at it and that we are looking at it across our titles. However, we are developing ideas cautiously.”

The company, which has a licensing deal with US publishing giant Weider Publications, has implemented an aggressive launch programme this year.

In April it launched Shape, followed by Men’s Fitness in June and Jump at the start of October. Last month Mollin sent out 250,000 free sample copies of Jump to teenage girls across the country before launching its first newsstand edition earlier this month.

Mollin Publishing was set up by managing director John Woollcombe and chairman Harold Mollin in 1998. Mollin signed a licensing deal last October with Weider Publications to publish UK editions of its health and fitness titles. US-based Weider was set up by body-builder and fitness guru Joe Weider in 1939.

OK!, the celebrity weekly published by Northern & Shell, is scheduled to launch its own masthead TV programme on ITV next month.


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