Monetate white paper: the realities of online personalisation

The digital experiences that companies present to their customers have become, in most cases, the face of the brand. Consumers often make choices and regularly share their opinions based on the quality of the digital experience, specifically the website. This is how they choose what to buy, where to bank and where to go on vacation. Today’s online experience is the product.

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Personalising the consumer experience has been brought to the forefront by an increasing amount of accessible customer data. It’s important for any marketer who wants to leverage this data and create more engaging online customer experiences to read this research report. We’re thrilled to work in partnership with Econsultancy and are equally excited to share the results.

This report overwhelmingly reveals that both marketers and agencies don’t expect personalisation initiatives to improve just the customer experience, but they also recognise the value of personalisation to improve overall business performance. It further validates the need to anticipate and react to consumer behaviour to generate stronger, more profitable customer relationships…

Click here to download the full white paper.


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