Money-offs are enriching this pizza brand

Emma Ayrey of TNS Retail & Shopper is right to raise the subject of the impact offers could have on brand loyalty and image (Debate, MW 3 September) but she can rest easy – the Pizza Express brand is in good shape.

Recent research by YouGov shows that our two-pronged approach – promotional and brand building activity – has driven up not only value perceptions but also quality perceptions. Crucially, the growth in quality perceptions outstrips the increase in value perceptions, indicating that the vouchers are enabling people to re-discover how good the Pizza Express experience really is.

The result is that Pizza Express has moved into No.1 position (of 33 brands) on YouGov’s BrandIndex for the Eating and Drinking sector.
Having said that, we’re conscious that customers’ perceptions of brands are changing quickly. Brand health is paramount to us so we will continue to monitor the impact of our promotional campaign closely.

Emma Woods, Marketing director, Pizza Express


Marketers are failing to get in on cinema act

Marketing Week

I was surprised to learn that marketing directors aren’t considering cinema as part of their media priorities this year (“Marketers are targeting new customers and forsaking old”, MW 10 September), particularly as it is resonating so strongly with consumers at present.

EVouchers are a hit

Marketing Week

The article “It’s a coupon revolution” (Marketing-, 8 September) raised some interesting views on the future of online vouchers in maintaining consumer trust and providing a good return on investment for brands investing in these types of marketing activities.

Begin the fightback against the supermarket own-brand

Marketing Week

UK brands have a real battle on their hands to retain market share as recent research suggests that consumers will favour premium own-brand goods over branded goods after the recession (Threat of own brands continues as economy recovers,, 24 August).


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