signs up Iranian comedian has launched a £15m advertising campaign featuring comedian Omid Djalili promoting the art of bargaining.

The campaign supports the brand’s new positioning as the place to go to save money on everything in life from car insurance to TVs and promises consumers “a great deal easier.”

The marketing of comparison sites has become fierce since introduced its brand ambassador, Aleksandr Orlov the meerkat. VCCP has just launched the latest advertisement in the campaign, a 60 second spot chronicling the history of the Orlov family.

The ad plays on British people’s embarrassment at haggling on price when buying products or services.

Djalili who is British, but whose family is originally from Iran, contrasts our British reserve with the Middle Eastern approach where price negotiation is embedded in the culture.

The campaign identifies Britons as possessing an “over-active cringe gland” that makes people in the UK embarrassed to ask for money off. is positioned as the antidote to this.

The new advertising has been created by MCDB and has launched with a series of 60 second TV spots. There will be supporting press, online and cinema activity.

In his first ever advertising campaign, Djalili will feature in a series of commercials that cover a range of the products offered by

David Osborne, marketing director at, says: ”Our message to our financial services partners is that we will be the only price comparison site to continue to support a wide range of product areas, not just car insurance, with advertising during 2010. As the shop window for our providers our haggling message will incorporate not just the importance of getting the best price, but also how helps customers find the right product, features and benefits to meet their needs.”


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