Mongoose takes on Cobra for Indian beer dominance

Wells and Young’s is taking on Cobra with the launch of Indian beer brand Mongoose.

The brewer is positioning the beer, dubbed Mongoose because of the mammal’s ability to overcome the cobra snake, as a premium, quality beer that uses an original Indian beer recipe.

The Indian beer market is becoming increasingly competitive with rivals Cobra and Kingfisher both launching campaigns this year that push their Indian heritage, while linking them with eating Indian food.

Chris Lewis, marketing director at Wells and Young’s, admits the brand name is a “cheeky reminder to Cobra of our expertise in brewing Indian beer”, adding there is an opportunity for a challenger brand.

“We have identified that there is a genuine gap in the market for the original Indian recipe beer to challenge the dominance of the two established Indian beer brands, Kingfisher and Cobra,” he adds.

A sampling and point of sale marketing campaign, initially in London and the South East, will use the strapline “Those in the know, choose Mongoose – Premium Beer at its best”.

To launch the beer, Wells and Young’s has formed a joint venture with Indian restaurant wholesalers, Gandhi Wine Supplier to brew, market, sell and distribute the beer.