Monsoon eyes reduction in online spend

High street retailer Monsoon aims to improve the efficiency of its online marketing budgets by cutting back on the amount of commission payments it hands over to affiliate marketing partners.  


Monsoon has deployed a website tracking platform by online services company Qubit so that it only has to pay affiliate marketing partners for the sales they have actually generated. 

The platform Monsoon has employed will aid its online attribution modelling by helping it de-duplicate online sales leads recorded on its website data, a key goal in its ongoing bid to save on marketing costs. 

Mark Dugdale, Monsoon’s head of online marketing, says: “There was a lot of double-counting going on and it’s highly likely that you’d have more than one [affiliate partner] claiming a sale… using this technology will help us establish where the sale came from.” 

This has helped Monsoon, which also owns the Accesorize brand, arrest the reduce its average cost-per-acquisition (CPA) fee, which had increased roughly three-fold within the last four-to-five years, according to Qubit. 

Meanwhile the retailer, which has over 1,000 stores across its global footprint, is also mulling the launch of a home delivery service that will let customers order goods to be delivered at home, even if the individual outlet has run out of relevant stock. 

“This means if there’s no stock in-store, then the user can still buy from us,” adds Dugdale. 

Last month a report from eMarketer indicated the UK’s B2C ecommerce market hit £54.97 last year, with this figure expected to rise even further to almost £90m by 2017.