More Group launches new poster size

A new sized roadside poster has been launched by the More Group in Scotland to placate councillors worried by excessive advertising in city centres.

The new landscape format, called Cityscape, is three times the size of a six-sheet but smaller than a 48-sheet. The posters were put up last week on two roads in Edinburgh, and may be rolled out to more Scottish cities, and introduced in England.

It is hoped that councils worried about city centre advertising “clutter” will be appeased with fewer but bigger panels.

More Group Scotland managing director Andy Neal admits that Edinburgh council was unhappy about accepting more freestanding six-sheet panels in the city centre.

However he denied that there were too many bus shelter six-sheet posters in existence. There are now about 70,000 six-sheet panels in the UK.

More Group GB development director Chris O’Donnell refused to confirm whether Cityscape would be rolled out in England.

Cityscape is the same size ratio as a 48-sheet, so creative work can be scaled down to fit it.


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