More O’Ferrall moves against Oscar II

Poster specialist More O’Ferrall is gearing up for a fight with the Joint Industry Council on Poster Audience Research (JICPAR) over the introduction of Oscar II – the industry’s new research and planning system.

MOF is understood to want the geodemographic part of the system scrapped because it does not believe that models of local catchment areas are appropriate for poster sites.

The firm has employed its own research expert, Derek Bloom, formerly of NOP Posters, to argue its case with the Outdoor Advertising Association Oscar II director Martin Daniels.

MOF, along with other contractors, believes specialists are pushing for the geodemographic data to change the way the medium is bought and planned. They are worried the model will be used to pressurise poster contractors into dissolving packages in favour of bespoke campaigns tailored to individual advertisers.

Oscar II is divided into two parts: updated poster site classification and traffic data, which will be launched in the summer, and the geodemographic model. There has been no investment or decision to proceed with the geodemographic model, which would produce a detailed profile of each poster site’s audience.