Morrisons and BK sign up to Lowe’s new retail offering

Morrisons and Burger King have signed up as UK clients of the newly launched retail activation network Open.

Open is a multi-country network launching this week from Lowe & Partners. The UK arm is headed up by managing director Niki Cook and newly appointed executive creative director Kevin Frost.

Open is set up to deliver “big retail ideas, fuelled by a better understanding of how today’s shoppers choose between brands”. The network will help clients position their brands within in-store environments and handle projects from promotion mechanics to signage and point of sale.

Angus Maciver, group marketing and communications director at Morrisons, says: “We are always looking for ways to link up above the line and below the line communications to ensure we have maximum impact with our customer messages. We are excited by the opportunity of having DLKW Lowe expand into in-store marketing thus opening up the possibility of us doing this even better in the future”

Morrisons is to trial smaller store sizes and online shopping next year.

The UK arm of Lowe recently merged with DLKW to become DLKW Lowe and Cook has already worked with Burger King in her role of head of promotional marketing for DLKW’s direct marketing arm, Dialogue DLKW.

Frost has joined Open from Arc and has 20 years of retail experience at agencies including Tequila and Triangle working on brands including Procter & Gamble, Morrisons and Diageo. Cook’s experience includes retail and promotional roles at PurchasePoint, Interfocus and The Communications Agency.

Morrisons and Burger King are currently clients of DLKW Lowe.

Open has launched in London, Shanghai, Prague, Bangkok, Jakarta and Sao Paolo this week.


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