Morrisons’ first music festival drowned out

Morrisons’ first foray into music festivals has been cancelled due to the severe weather warnings and flooding due to hit the UK this weekend.

Morrisons M Fest

The M Fest family festival in Leeds, whose line-up included Cher Lloyd, The Human League and Bob Geldof, was scheduled for this weekend.

To limit damage to its reputation, Morrisons has launched a communications campaign using all media channels including TV, radio and digital to make sure that all ticket holders know that the event, is cancelled.

It will also make sure that all store staff and customer service desks are prepared to communicate the cancellation to customers.

Morrisons is already facing an angry backlash from Facebook users with one customer, Lorna Whittaker, saying: “This is pathetic … Most people go prepared for the weather we live in the UK for crying out loud. it’s disgusting!!!!!”

The supermarket will evaluate the cost of cancelling the festival after the weekend but a spokesperson says the important thing today is “getting the message out and making sure people don’t set off for M Fest”.

Morrisons partners including the festival organisers, ticketing partner TicketMaster and camp site organisers Tangerine Fields and many of the artists on the line-up are all communicating the cancellation through their own channels.

A spokesman for the supermarket says: “We were all set for a great weekend – it was practically sold out – our chefs were ready the food was going to be fantastic, but we can’t control the weather. It’s a family festival and you don’t want young children in a festival in this weather.”


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