Morrisons lands first punch on Asda Price Guarantee

Morrisons has launched a press campaign proving that its shopping basket is cheaper than Asda’s, despite the introduction of the Asda Price Guarantee this week.

The full page press ad highlights a shopping basket of branded goods including Birds Eye fish fingers, Philleas Fogg crisps, Smirnoff vodka and Dettol handwash, which costs less at Morrisons than Asda, according to Asda’s own Price Guarantee service.

It quotes the Asda Price Guarantee website with the line “Asda was not the cheapest for your shopping this time.”

The basket costs £22.55 at Morrisons, £10.39 less than it would cost at Asda.

The ad appears in The Sun, The Mirror and the Daily Mail today, (30 April).

It is the first direct swipe at Asda since it introduced the initiative and promised that it would repay shoppers the difference if a basket price was cheaper elsewhere.

The Morrisons campaign follows the supermarket’s scathing attack on Asda’s price guarantee claims yesterday.

Morrisons group trading director Martyn Jones, labelled the initiative a “stunt” and questioned whether Asda could accurately compare prices with Morrisons, as its prices are not published online, since the supermarket does not operate an online grocery business.



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